What is Epilepsy ?


Epilepsy is one of the commonest neurological condition affecting the human. Prevalence of it in general population is one percent. Epilepsy can affect all age groups but its prevalence is more in kids. Young kids have developing brain, so they are more susceptible to harmful effects of seizures. Seizures can hamper brains growth and further development, so it’s important    to treat epilepsy appropriately.

What is Epilepsy ? 

It’s neurological condition where person gets repetitive seizures / convulsions due to underlying excitability of brain. Seizures starts abruptly from one part of the brain and then discharges travel along with brain connections. External manifestation of seizures depends on the part of brain which is activated . For example, if electrical discharge involves the hand area, then person might have stiffening or jerking of the hand. Similarly if electrical discharge involves visual area person may experience positive (visual hallucination) or negative ( transient blindness) symptoms. 

Most seizures are self limiting and usually stop within few minutes. Seizures which involves both sides of the brain are known as generalised seizures. Sometimes generalised Seizures can continue for more than five minutes. In case of prolonged seizures one may need medical treatment to stop the seizures.

What to do if you have epilepsy ?

It is curable with appropriate treatment. Person with epilepsy should undergo detailed medical evaluation by epilepsy expert. Doctor may ask you about detailed medical history including events at the time of birth. Also it is important to tell doctors about any history of head injury, of brain infection. You may have to undergo some brain tests to know how your brain works. For example MRI of the brain and Electroencephlaography (EEG) are the two main tests which are routinely done for evaluation of seizure episode. 

How diagnosis of epilepsy changes my life? 

Person with epilepsy can have completely normal routine life as person without epilepsy. They can study in normal school, participate in sports and also work in offices. They also have normal life expectancy in most cases. So avoid to discriminate epileptic person.One should always encourage and give confidence to person with Epilepsy 

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